Beauty and The Beast Musical Brings its Magic to Singapore

The gala premiere of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast musical took place on Saturday, 21st March 2015. The glamorous night opened with numerous local celebrities walking down the red carpet and even a ‘Best Dressed’ competition involving all attendees.

When I first heard about the musical, I was curious and excited to find out how they would bring this Disney classic into life.

The set design for the musical was enchanting. A frame design of vines and flowers enshrouded the stage, lending a whimsical, romantic air in true Disney style. Throughout the play, multiple stage drops were also used for different scenes. Particularly interesting stage drops included a translucent one, which was used in all the forest scenes, and a frame designed to look like numerous colorful books for the library.

A musical that has been staged countless of times since 1993, each production tries its best to set itself apart from all its predecessors. This year’s version portrayed Belle as a clever, inquisitive young woman and the Beast as a spoilt, immature prince. The childish actions and behavior of the Beast was particularly refreshing and drew much laughter from the audience.

Apart from the 2 main characters, the musical also had a strong supporting cast. Mrs Potts, Lumière, Cogsworth, Gaston and Lefou were noteworthy in their performance. The chemistry between the last two was exceptional and the pair was a constant source of humour.

The best scene in the musical would definitely have to be the performance of ‘Be Our Guest’. Flashing lights, a sparkly backdrop and a full cast that took turns to quick change into ostentatiously stunning outfits ensured a high-energy performance. In addition, the synchronized dance moves and acrobatics was slightly reminiscent of a circus. The performance showcased the best of American Broadway – loud, ostentatious and exciting.

Admittedly some parts of the musical were a little slow, but the beautiful costumes, creative set design and melodious voices of the cast make this musical a must-watch.