Wicked The Musical Back In Singapore For Yet Another Kaleidoscopic Show

Far from the usual routine that Singapore is used to was a kaleidoscopic show at the gala premiere of Wicked The Musical – evident in shimmering costumes and stage set ups that transitioned from one flourishing scene to another.


The Award-Winning Broadway production surrounds itself with the enchanting tale of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, and her unexpected friendship with a “blonde” and the seemingly high maintenance, Galinda. All of which brought much confusion to a new fan like myself who grew up with the vague but familiar tale of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – but was later clarified in the show through the emergence of characters in the children’s book and 1939 film.


Though four years after it’s debut in Singapore, Wicked never seemed to have lost its magical appeal with fans arriving with their inner Elphabas evident in their own green ensembles, making Marina Bay Sands’ Grand Theatre Singapore’s own version of Emerald City.


But the glamour was not just present in excited fans’ outfits, but was clearly presented at the first scene through the flashing colors of Ozians as they cheered for Elphaba’s apparent “death.” The show then envelopes itself to the untold tale of Elphaba’s backstory comprehensively reminisced through captivating performances from Galinda’s own memories.


The two characters’ first duet in the show, What Is This Feeling?,  brought the entertaining humor of Galinda that continued on until she voluntarily changed her name to Glinda to woo their shared love interest – the curly-haired and dashing Fiyero.


Heart-stopping and flawless execution of songs wowed audiences, especially with Elphaba’s emotional solo rendition of I’m Not That Girl. But the much-awaited number of it all is one that’s familiar with many, Defying Gravity, sang as Elphaba set to free herself from wicked accusations.


A great production that fully embodied its title, Wicked has never failed to attract and mesmerize its Singapore audience once again. Waves of emotion stirred everyone’s hearts with the poignant tale of the Wicked Witch of the West and her best friend, Galinda that has undoubtedly tickled everyone’s funny bone.


It is a tale of love, sacrifice, and friendship that is sure to capture everyone’s aesthetic desires and inner Elphaba (“outcast”) for the second time around in its return to Singapore.


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