Chris Evans to Appear in Broadway Play ‘Lobby Hero’

Chris Evans won’t be saving the world from intergalactic foes, sentient robots, and runaway super soldiers for the time being as he is set to make his Broadway debut alongside theater veteran Michael Cera in a revival of Kenneth Lonergan’s Lobby Hero.

Lobby Hero, which premiered in Off-Broadway in 2001 follows the lives of Jeff, a security guard perpetually unlucky with women; William, his boss; Dawn, a 20-something female police officer; and Bill, Dawn’s senior partner who falls for the young lady. All four are then caught in the middle of a murder investigation, further complicating each character’s already convoluted life.

A Hollywood Reporter feature on Lobby Hero, details how the play explores how emotions and principles often come into conflict with one another, and how choices made in distress define people.

Peter Sblendorio discussed on the New York Daily News that Evans will be playing the unpredictable, at times volatile, Bill. Cera, on the other hand, will be starring as Jeff, the Lonergan archetype of a loser—noble and relatable but a loser still.

The original Lobby Hero debuted Off-Broadway in 2001. The original run ran from March 31, 2001 to April 15, 2001, before reopening in May and running till September. The original cast included Glenn Fitzgerald, Tate Donovan, and Heather Burns, and was directed by Mark Brokaw. Lonergan’s play received impressive reviews and was revived in 2002 in London.

Evans has become one of biggest names in the film industry due to his involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America. The films have proven to very popular with Box Office Mojo reporting that Captain America: Civil War earned over a billion dollars worldwide. He was also a key character in both Marvel’s The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, which both breached the billion dollar mark in worldwide earnings.

The Boston native has certainly helped elevate the superhero genre to unprecedented heights. Steven Spielberg famously compared the genre’s popularity and prominence in modern culture to the dominance the Western genre once enjoyed. In the same way that the Wild West can be found influencing multiple aspects of culture so too can superheroes. Online slot game provider Spin Genie has several superhero-themed online games that are inspired by both Marvel and DC titles including Black Widow (inspired by the Marvel character), Thunderstruck (an obvious nod to Thor), and the officially licensed Hellboy game. This just goes to show, that wherever you turn the chances are you’ll be met with some form of superhero paraphernalia.

Aside from his acting talents, the producers behind Lobby Hero will be hoping that fans of the character from the comic, film, and online gaming communities, will jump at the chance of seeing Captain America in the flesh and boost theater receipts.

Lobby Hero will premier on Broadway in March of next year. There is no official word yet from Second Stage Theater, the company producing the play, on whether it visit any other venues other than Broadway nor if it will make the long journey to Singapore.