Interview with Jasper Cho (Dr. Daniel Spencer from Descendants of the Sun)


Jasper Cho who act as Dr.Daniel Spencer in ‘Descendants of the Sun‘ share with us more about his ideal women and more about Descendants of the Sun! Read on to find out more!


1.Can you tell us more about yourself and what you do prior to Descendants of the Sun?

I’ve always been auditioning for various roles since I was in university (but it’s not something you can just DO, because you know… you gotta be selected). So beside that, I’ve been working as an art director in advertising. Acting and working in advertising are similar in a similar vein of ‘expressing your ideas in artistic way’.


2.How did you prepare for your role of Daniel in Descendants of the Sun and could you share with us some of the challenges you faced?

I had to look for someone who’s supposed to be so charming, warm-hearted and very good at what he does like Daniel Spencer. But obviously it’s very hard to find such person even in fiction or film. Also one of the challenges was to keep the balance between ‘Korean-ness’ and ‘North-American-ness’. Daniel would love kimchi but would also love a pint of beer at a pub over soju. Other casts and staffs told me that’s kind of me in real life so just be myself, but still… it was not easy.


3.What role would you like to play in the future and why?
Any role that has massive impact on the cinematography. I don’t think the number of scenes is significant. Anything unusual would be great. Oh and a superhero. Who doesn’t like superhero. Also music related films are awesome too. Like Once and Begin Again.


4.Was there any funny stories on set DOTS with Song Joong Ki or rest of the cast?

Umm I can’t think of anything really funny with Song Joong Ki on set. With the rest of the cast, we played basketball when we had days off in Greece. That was fun. We played with local Greek people there. They were all really good. Lots of actors and our camera team too!


5.One of your talent is speaking in different accents, beside that do you have any other hidden talents that most people don’t know about?

Haha I love different accents. I’m going to learn more of others. Beside that, I used to play rugby when I was younger. I was alright back then. I was. Haha.


6.Could you share with us more about your hobby and what you do during your free time?

I spend enough time watching good films. There are so many good ones to watch in the world. I’ve been doing music as a hobby too since I was young, so I can sing, play keys and guitar.


7.We are pretty sure the fans would like to know, how would you describe your ideal type of women?

Somone who’s similar to me, like what I like, think the way I think, and can share what we believe in. Someone who’s positive and smiley.
 8.What do you think of this parody video? Was it good?



I think it’s hilarious. Who did this? Haha they should go on and on and on!