Seven Deadlier Sins at Halloween Horror Nights 7 Review

From 29 September to 29 October, come face–to–face with a frenzied gang of flesh–eating zombies lunging from every corner, enter the ruins of a mall filled with vengeful spirits and more.

This year, there would be a total of 5 haunted houses,  2 Scare Zones, 2 Killer Shows  and a brand new zombie laser tag experience! Read on to find out what is our review on this year’s HHN7.


TERRORCotta Empress

In this haunted house, you will go through a time tunnel back to Empress Qing’s era, the place is well decorated according to the theme and what we really like was the terracotta figures as it was very realistic. You will get to also see the torture chambers of those who doesn’t submit to her rule.

Inside The Mind

In this haunted house, you explore the various parts of the mind and its pretty creative in this particular haunted house. You will get to  come face-to-face with shadowy forms such as Night Terrors, Inner Demons and Tormented Souls. We really liked this and would recommend you to head for this haunted house first.


Death Mall

In this haunted house, you get to see familiar places within the mall with a touch of horror – same same but different. While the set design was great, it didn’t bring much scare to us compared to the Hawker Centre Massacre last year.


Make The Cut 

The scare actors here are pretty good looking as its K-Pop after all. It have aspect of recording studio and various media related places. While the space here is more compact and brighter, we felt the scare here are sometimes hit and miss. Perhaps the scare actors are just tired or there’s too many people and timing ain’t just right.


Pilgrimage of Sin

This is a scare zone which we felt its very good and where the best scare actors are located. Although there are many people walking pass, the scare actors take their pick,  get ready before scaring you. Ask nicely and you would be able to get a good photo for your Instagram with great lighting. We enjoyed this zone a lot and this is the place which you might get more scare compared to one of the haunted houses above.


All in all, the set designs are well designed, however we think that amount of people should be controlled as those in the middle or the back will not get the scare they wanted as the scare actor did it to the ones infront and does not have enough time to hide and scare the rest again which make it literally a walk through.  The rides timing this year was within the range of 5-30minutes which was pretty fast, so if you are a thrill seeker, head on to try the rides with a fantastic night view of USS.


To find out more and get your tickets, head over here: http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg/