“The Sound of Music” Returns To Singapore With Its Nostalgic Classics

3 years after it’s well-received run in 2014, The Sound of Music is back to enthrall new audiences with its ageless appeal.


Inspired by the true story of Maria Augusta von Trapp’s life, the musical’s narrative is probably a stranger to no one above the age of 20. It revolves around Maria, a quirky governess played by Carmen Pretorius, who as a work of fate found herself caring for the widowed Captain Von Trapp’s seven children after leaving the convent.


Influencing the children with her ardent passion for singing, Maria developed a fondness for the Captain’s children and the Captain himself that led to a tale of romance.


The first act in and of itself set a high standard for its execution of nostalgic songs like My Favorite Things, Do-Re-Mi, and Sixteen Going On Seventeen – evoking a sentimental feeling to members of the audience like myself who grew up watching the musical’s film adaptation starring Julie Andrews.


Pretorius is undeniably an admirable character on-stage, delivering every line with unrelenting energy all throughout the show. Any resemblance to Andrew’s antics was merely an illusion as Pretorius was able to reinvent the alluring character for 2017 audiences. This is all in addition to her lush and velvety vocals.


But the crowd favorite remains to be the seven children who gathered rounds of giggles and genuine “awwws” for their endearing choreography and delightful harmonies in numbers like So Long, Farewell. It is also worth noting that six of the seven children were locally casted, giving the production its unique, local twist.


Seeing that the narrative was inspired by a true story during World War II, the stage set-up was bereft of sophistication and complexity. This is in comparison with productions like Wicked or Phantom of the Opera that are both fictional and mystical tales.


However, this led to a probable loss of focus from the audience during the second act that mostly revolved around Maria and the Captain’s romance as well as the family’s escape from the Nazis.


Additionally, audiences seated at the sides were at a disadvantage because of the boxed-like set-up that blocked parts of the stage.


Aside from technicalities and the anti-climatic second act, the production offered an elegant “blast from the past” that reintroduced the much-loved musical to fans in Singapore.  This was apparent during the aforementioned Act II when humming ensued from the man sitting next to me as soon as he heard Edelweiss being performed by the Captain. Perhaps this proves that the musical’s timeless songs have become part of everyone’s lives.


The Sound of Music thus remains a tender story about love, virtue, and family that continuously draws audiences with its melodic range of familiar songs that immediately evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality. For this, the show is still one of the most beloved musicals of our time and possibly of generations to come.


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Dates: 7 Nov – Sun, 3 Dec 2017

Venue: Sands Theatre Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands