BreakOut Game – Forever Young

BreakOut Escape Game is a Real Life Escape Game provider in Singapore, offering themed escape rooms to players who enjoy the challenge of playing escape games in a physical environment.

However, BreakOut Escape Game ain’t like any other escape game room. Here’s the plot twist: You have to put yourself in the shoes of the victim and think from her perspective in order to escape.  The puzzles ain’t in sequential order as well.

For Forever Young, at the start of the game , you might be clueless as you started out without any goals or mission in mind – even experienced players might not know. However, once you get the hang of it, it will be pretty smooth and you will soon go ‘ahhhhhhh’ when you manage to solve puzzles that are not sequential. The room and game is well designed and there was the use of some technology. It can be as simple as it seems at times.  Fabulous place for you to play with your friends and improve your thinking skills and enjoy the fun!

Shoutout to Matthew and Jeramy who did alittle something special for scaring us!


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