Galaxy-themed fruit juices now in Singapore!

So recently we were at Artbox and what caught our eye was these colorful fruit juice. Not only was it pleasant on the eye, it was certainly fresh fruit juice!


The Juicy Way was actually founded by three good friends who is keen on bringing unique products to the market. Did you know that this was actually inspired by the popular Taiwan layered fruit juice stalls?


Selling 9 different signature “galactic” flavors, each with their own unique instagram-worthy aesthetic, The Juicy Way has been dazzling over 1,600 Facebook and 2,000 Instagram followers since last October. Everything this four-man startup sell runs on a space theme, named after celestial phenomena in the Milky Way. Appearing at trendy pop-up stalls in fleas, events, and bazaars, the local, chic business’s creative success targets a younger Singaporean audience.


They use 100% fresh blended fruit juices without artificial colourings & preservatives. Everything is completely natural! It is recommended that you consume the drink within 2 hours. We personally love their best seller “The Big Bang” which consists of Dragonfruit,Guava,Honeydew and blue pea flower. Another drink which we thought was interesting would be “The Spiral” which is banana with green Thai milk tea. As there is no ice added, you may wish to keep it chilled to enjoy a refreshing fruit juice on a hot day.


Backed by the motivated flavor of this business, these pretty, healthy, delicious drinks are definitely worth trying. Head over to their social media page, give them some support, and get some juice!