Having a blast at Combat Zone!

Being always up for trying out something new, I was more than ever, ready to give it a shot when I heard of this opportunity to try out the new Combat Zone nerf arena at SCAPE. I was however, a little skeptical on how this would turn out for a few reasons; firstly, the friends who I was bringing along for this activity barely knew each other and I felt that they might not be comfortable with shooting each other. Another reason was that, personally having nerf guns at home I was wondering what the difference would be like playing at home and playing at the arena. So of course, I was quite surprised when things turned out way better than I expected.

We had two missions planned out for us:

  1. Destroy the enemy base

The play area is divided into two halves, one for each team and players are not allowed to cross into the opponents’ half. Ten empty cans sit on the edge of a barrel (circled in red) on each half. The main aim of the game is to shoot down as many of the opponents’ cans as possible. Players who are shot will have to run to the back of their halves and wait five seconds before going back into play (this is called respawning). The play goes on for 10 mins and the first team which hits all 10 cans off the barrel or, the team with the most number of cans still on top of the barrel wins!

  1. Save the hostages

The gameplay is mostly similar for this mission, except more intense as, the respawn time is increased to 10 seconds and, the main aim of the game is to eliminate the rest of the opponents in that 10 seconds that the first one takes to respawn. The team that manages to do so, will get to cross over to the opponent’s half, grab a “hostage” and run back to their own half. The play starts again with all players back in play. Gameplay is 10 minutes and the first team to save all hostages or, the team with the most saved hostages wins!


Although it was just 10 minutes per mission and the venue was air-conditioned, we were all perspiring at the end of it. It was definitely more exercise than we thought we would be doing!

We played a 3v3 but I noticed that there was definitely enough space for a 4v4 or maybe even a 5v5.

My doubts were also cleared the moment the mission started because, everyone just snapped into action and automatically became buddies, because the game was based mostly on teamwork. At the end of the session they even suggested to have dinner together to get to know each other better, which was a pleasant surprise for me.


I found out as well, that there was, indeed, a huge difference playing in a nerf arena as compared to playing at home. For one, the pains of having to find and pick up the bullets one by one at home were absent, as there was more than sufficient ammo provided, making it very convenient to reload and keep playing. This also meant more bullets flying around making it more challenging and realistic, living up to the name of the place “Combat Zone”.

Safety was also not an issue as protective gear is provided for the eyes and the bullets are soft and light!


Also, I feel the need to mention this because, throughout the course of the game, the facilitators were very sporting, cheering us on and giving us encouragement. They were also very quick to replace/help out with jammed guns so that the gameplay was not disrupted. This contributed a lot to keeping the game flowing and keeping us hyped up!

It was an overall fantastic team bonding experience and a definite must try if you’re looking to bring your friends and family closer or, even to simply just have fun!



*SCAPE , 2 Orchard Link, #03-06

Singapore 237978

Bookings can be made at , so hurry!