SLEEEP and recharge in Hong Kong!

SLEEEP, the first and only capsule hotel in Hong Kong is here to stay and provide you the space you need. Work-life balance is important and being sleep deprived would not only cause stress unknowingly but affect aspects of your life. You can’t chase back the hours you have been deprive but you can choose to adjust your schedule to better balance sleep and your daily life.


Checking In/Out

The process is fairly simple, you would be given the opportunity to customize your mattress as well as pillows and it would all be ready for you on the day of check in. You would also be given a QR code upon confirmation and this would be your entrance pass to enter SLEEEP.

Subsequently, your fingerprint would be your key into the space.


They have an experience officer(X.O.) on site/online to assist you and provide you with a detailed yet quick introduce of the space you would be staying in.


Understanding SLEEEP and the space

Simplicity is key and SLEEEP focuses on fulfilling the important needs part enough so that you can get your quality sleep. Icons/signs can be seen around the space, it’s very minimal and easy to understand. Interaction is kept to the minimal, your personal space is respected.

You get to enjoy organic soap which is provided and one cool fact is that the hot shower is heated by the captured heat of the cooling system. Personal amenities such as toothbrush/toothpaste will not be provided.


You would also notice minor details such as branded hair dryer and a heated floor after your shower so your feet stays warm that you know they really put effort into understanding the guest’s experience step by step.



You would be give a locker to store your luggage or backpack so you don’t have to worry about not having space to keep your stuffs. However, personal valuables should still be kept with you at all times.



You would be able to adjust the lighting in your capsule which I thought was very good and allow you to get into the mood and prepare yourself for a good sleep or to simply wake yourself up at your own pace. 


SLEEEP is no doubt a conducive environment for you to get your quality sleep, to recharge yourself which is different from your home. They offer your hourly and overnight plans so you have no excuse to say no to a quality sleep.

For more information on SLEEEP and to book your recharge here: