Sleep and playba with amba Taipei Ximending!

amba Taipei Ximending hotel is located within the Pedestrian Area in Ximending and is part of the Eslite Shopping complex on the Wuchang Street.

The communal space was spacious with lots of natural sunlight entering the space. There is a bar which menu is pretty interesting and they made use of laboratory apparatus for your drink. If you are hungry, you try their Detroit-style square pizza. The environment there have a touch of industrial yet modern vibe to it suitable for young adults and those young at heart.


You would find that the room here are also spacious but with lesser natural sunlight coming in due to the design of the building. Suitable for families and couples, the rooms are simple but with hip vibes to it.

As with amba Taipei Songshan, you would find that there is separate shower and toilet facilities. Their disposable amenities were made from ginger, a local Taiwanese brand Two Acres.



Right in the middle of Ximending, a popular shopping district, you get to shop, eat and rest without going far! Towards the back of the hotel is the Ximending Cinema street where you would be able to find sprayed paint street art on the walls which is a must take when you are there!  Beside that, there is also a lot of cinema within walking distance so if you are feeling tired from all the walking, take a rest by watching a movie and enjoy it!


Further down, you would also be able to find the famous Ay Chung Flour-Rice noodles which is a must have in the area by the tourists and local alike. Fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken can also be found nearby within 3-5 minutes walk. I would recommend getting a map from the reception where you would be able to navigate your way and take note of the populars food store or places to go on the map which amba Ximending provide.

If you love places which are simple yet with a hipster vibe, amba Taipei Ximending is the place for you!


Photo Credits: amba Taipei Ximending