Brooke Fraser Performs Beautifully

On Brooke Fraser’s world tour celebrating the release of her latest album, Brutal Romantic, the renowned, pop-y artist graced Singapore with her presence at the Kallang Theatre on March 20th, 2015 in a much anticipated show. Four years ago, due to an unforeseen illness, Brooke was forced to cancel her show she would’ve played here in Singapore – but Brooke came back kicking with a brand new album to share with her classics.


With that said, she delivered a beautifully vibrant performance to the Singapore crowd. Her voice – relentlessly melodic and powerfully entrancing to hear in its graceful wake – filled the theatre, swooning the heart of the crowd – beauty alive and insistent song after song. Joined with a well-coordinated backing band, the entire show was as clear and quality as her professionally mastered releases. The essence of her music – beautifully chill, joyfully energetic, pleasantly melodic and emotional, while decorated by catchy tunes – was captured and delivered with masterful skill. Twirling, dancing, and moving slowly to the music, it was captivating to witness how Brooke embraced and immersed herself in her sound and voice. She encouraged everyone to move and drew the whole show in with the way she interacted with the crowd, outside of the songs and music.




Magical Machine




New Histories


Deciphering Me

Je Suis Prêt

Brutal Romance

Kings and Queens



CS Lewis

Something in the Water


Showcasing a most of the work from her new album, Brooke played the quality majesty of her music for all fans to enjoy. Along with some great classics, the theatre was fully immersed in the beautiful apexes of her music.


Brooke really showed her love for the audience in this way. With her beautiful and adorable personality, between songs, she would talk about inspirations and histories of her music, such as “Je Suis Pret” being inspired by her Scottish family crest, as well as herself and the gratitude she felt to be there to play. Sincerely, she even apologized to the fans that planned on going to her show four years ago, but was excited that she could finally play that day. The show meant a lot for both Brooke and the fans. The enthusiasm was obvious in her playful and bubbly attitude, along with the pleading the screams of the crowd calling for an encore.


The biggest, and best part of the show was the surprising way she played “Something in the Water” at the very end. Initially, the intro of this final piece wasn’t familiar to anyone, and didn’t sound like the intro to the song. But when Brooke elegantly broke out into those opening lyrics, everyone was on fire and sung with such a passion to arguably her most catchy classic yet.


Brooke’s first show in Asia was gracefully meaningful, beautifully worthwhile, and a greatly elegant evening. With open arms, we eagerly wait for her next album, next tour, and Brooke Fraser’s next performance in Singapore.



Photo Credits: Sprout Entertainment