Walk The Moon Lit Up Fort Canning Park With Smashing Rock-pop Tunes!

What others would consider a mundane weekday evening was a night filled with unmatchable euphoria. That’s both from the energetic Ohio natives Walk The Moon and a crowd of young folks who lit up what once was a cemetery, Fort Canning Park.


With neon streaks on their faces and adrenaline waiting to be fully released, the audience was treated to the local sound of Take Two. Songs like In Your Arms, Ariel, and Always Been Right Here certainly made an impact to new listeners. I found myself repeatedly commenting, “Wow, they’re really good!” to the stranger next to me, in which she replied with constant nods of approval or perhaps it was her way of shutting me up and letting her listen to the band in peace.Whatever it was, the Singaporean talents not only deceived us with their posh persona, but also introduced us to new indie tunes.


After a couple of chants, the smoke filled stage transformed into a dramatic jungle as Walk The Moon appeared, accompanied by the gut-wrenching The Circle of Life. The perfectly executed transition from the striking entrance to their first song, Jenny, lit up the crowd of 2000.

“Good Vibes” would be an understatement, as Walk The Moon brought more than just positive feels with their electric energy. Fans of all ages were treated to upbeat tracks like Avalanche and Spend Your $$$. There was no moment of stillness as everyone danced along to every song despite not knowing the lyrics.

The short but memorable David Bowie tribute, Let’s Dance, also got the crowd moving along preceding the start of the entertaining moves of Eli Maiman – the most fabulous lead guitarist I’ve seen live. Frontman turned killer dancer Nick Petrrica later welcomed the Singapore crowd to a psychedelic Walk The Moon ritual, a traditional initiation for first time live listeners. Screams that took over every ounce of strength from our bodies filled the open area – a way of letting out bad energy, as Nick calls it.


The undying energy reaches its peak as Nick screamed, “Shut up and dance with me!” The short acapella served as a cue to release all the bottled up emotions and transform them into a mind-blowing rave made unstoppable by the slight drizzle.

Aside from Walk The Moon’s electro-pop sound that creates an awe-inspiring dance party, the quartet never forget to constantly show their appreciation through mere words and genuine smiles. As bassist Kevin Ray puts it, “We’re

literally on the other side of the world and it’s crazy how you guys are listening toour music.”


Driven by a full throttle of enthusiasm and good intentions, Walk The Moon did

not only fulfill the expectations of long time Singaporean fans, but also inspired

the rest of us with their never-ending passion for their craft.






Different Colors


Let’s Dance (David Bowie Cover)

Spend Your $$$

Up 2 U

Work This Body




I Can Lift A Car

Shut Up And Dance



Anna Sun


Article written by Teejay Vergara.  Photos taken by Aloysius Lim for LAMC Productions.