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The Maine have always been about being the truest version of yourself. From exiting from their major label contract with Fearless Records to organising a free tour across the US, The Maine have personified their manifesto while satisfying fans both old and new.

Their latest project is “Covers (Side B)”, an album of music covers that serves as a counterpart to last year’s “Covers (Side A)” EP. The band have released a video for their cover of “Love Yourself” from the upcoming album (yes, it’s the song by Justin Bieber).

There are no signs that The Maine are looking to slow things down anytime soon and we can only look forward to what they have in store for us. While we wait out for their next musical offering, we had a chat with bassist Garrett Nickelsen about Iron Man films and their new music video for “Am I Pretty?”

DNM: Hey Garrett! We love your band’s latest album, “American Candy”. We understand that it’s meant to be a commentary on popular culture and how it shapes the minds and opinions of people today. What’s the most insane thing that you can’t believe people are keeping up with?

Garrett: “Iron Man” movies? Haha. I enjoyed the first one but I don’t think i need to see another one of these films for about 30 years. Give me something new. The thought of [an] “Iron Man Five” bores the shit out of me. How about a movie about a dog and an alien becoming friends? That sounds fun.


Brilliant idea for a movie, really. The Maine’s new video for “Am I Pretty?” isn’t too shabby either. It was very moving to see the people featured in the video tell their stories. What was it like producing that video and how did you decide on the concept?

Our singer, John [O’Callaghan], had the idea floating around for a few months before we completely decided to move forward with that concept. It’s probably the most “on the nose” video we have for one of our songs. The message of the song and the visuals really come together to tell the same story.

It was incredible to have such great people willing to express those feelings out into the world for lots of people to see. It shows great courage and I think in a way that’s what the song is about. Being ok with yourself even in the face of judgement. We couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.


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