Interview with Madilyn Bailey


It was an honour for us to interview a very young and aspiring singer. Earlier this year, she came to Singapore  to perform for YouTube Sensations: Under The Star Concert. Her YouTube channel has 140 Million views as of today!

1. Currently, your YouTube channel have got more than 100 million views. What are your thought of achieving this at such young age?  

I was surprised and happy with 100 views.  I guess I don’t think of them as 100 million views but hopefully as 100 million smiles!

2. When covering songs, do you wait for any specific feelings to do a particular song or do you do covers on the songs your fans request?

I try to sing songs that people want to hear but I definitely have to have a good feeling about the song.  That’s the only way to sing with sincerity.

 3. Can you tell me if there is anyone or anything that  inspire you to do music which bring you to where you are today ?

My first inspiration was Michelle Branch.  My first YouTube inspiration was Kina Grannis and I got to meet her this summer.  She is as nice as she seems in her videos.  But my biggest inspiration has been the super positive response of the listeners.  They have been so sweet and I love them.

4. Do you prefer to do song covers, or to write your own song? Why?

My favorite part about music is writing songs.  I enjoy doing covers but my passion is definitely writing lyrics that others can relate to.

Madilyn Bailey Fall 2013

5. Will there be any possibility you would publish a book, sharing some of your success stories at such a young age ?

Wow…I have never thought about writing a book, but anything is possible.

6. What are some of the challenges you face so far while doing music?

The biggest challenge is trying to be a creative artist and a business person at the same time.  I always try to make decisions based on what is best for the music while trying to stay true to myself.

7. What are your thoughts/ feelings/ things that you have learned from going on a tour with Boyce Avenue?

I learned that I really love playing live shows night after night.  I had so much fun and learned a lot about life on the road.  It was really nice of Boyce Avenue to invite me along.

Madilyn Bailey

8. Having the popularity you gained through your hard work, how different was your life now, compared to the past? (From being a small-town girl to someone everyone knows on Youtube. Eg. Coping with studies/ relationships)

It can be challenging coming from a small town to take on this career, but I love my small town and I’ll never forget where I came from.

9. Do you have any plans to return back to Singapore to perform?

I hope to come back to Singapore!  I love the beautiful people there.  I will be back….don’t forget about me, Singapore!

10. If you weren’t singing? What would you be doing?

I seriously considered going into a career in science along the lines of forensic chemistry.  I love science!

Madilyn Bailey Fall 2013