Interviews,NATIVE X LOCAL (Singapore Edition)

Take Heart with The Sam Willows on 22 July!

This coming Friday, The Sam Willows will be performing their first full concert at The Coliseum at the Hard Rock Hotel. The performance promises to be a show full of surprises; from special guests, mesmerizing visuals, never heard before songs and much more.

Following the release of their self-titled debut EP in 2012 to great acclaim, The Sam Willows went on to become a favourite act at various international music festivals, among them SXSW Music Festival (USA), Music Matters (Singapore), MU:CON (South Korea) and WAM Festival (Australia). We spoke to them to find out more about their upcoming concert and ‘Take Heart’ Album!


1.What can we expect for your upcoming concert?

Ben: Expect to sing along and have a kickass time!

Jon: Dancing.

Narelle: good music

Sandra: all of the above


2.What is your favourite song from the album ‘Take Heart’ ?

Ben: Stay. It’s the 1st one written from the album!

Jon: Taking all his time

Sandra: Stay

Narelle: All Time high


3.Can each of you share one hidden talents that most of the fans don’t know about?

Ben: I can’t play basketball, but thanks to years of fandom I’m a very good basketball analyst / commentator. Truth.

Jon: I play a lot of Overwatch.

Narelle: I can beat jon at overwatch and ben at basketball.

Sandra: I can speak to cats. But wait, it’s not a hidden talent. It’s a gift.


4.Beside your upcoming concert, what’s the future plans for the band?

Ben: Get some sleep.

Jon: More shows I guess

Sandra: Travel the world.

Narelle: More music!


Event Details:

DATE: 22 July, 7PM
VENUE: The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore,
Resort World™ Sentosa.

Tickets available at Hurry and get it now!