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It’s a riot with The Jungle Giants!

On April 26th 2015, TAB held one of the most fantastic indie shows in Singapore. Hosted by Ellipsis Live, The Jungle Giants, in all their melodic talent, glorious charisma, and absolutely sunny personalities, came face to face with a crazily loving audience. The well renowned four-piece from Australia absolutely smashed Singapore and made the evening unforgettable.


Before the show, a whole crowd of about 200 or so people waited with such eagerness, every fan bubbling with an excited energy. Squeezing themselves at the front of the stage, the audience tightly packed together for a good glimpse of the show.


First, Lia Mice opened the show with her humility and capable stage presence. The solo experimental pop artist played a psychedelic style, warming up the audience with a strong sound (despite her solitary performance) that filled the venue with a trance-y mood. With every note she played and every tune she sang, Lia mice conveyed great passion and talent and hyped up the audience, swaying and moving to the music. From start to finish, Lia Mice’s set was thorough and she her humble and gracious remarks about being able to perform garnered a supportive crowd.


When The Jungle Giants came on stage, everyone went absolutely nuts. Everyone was riled up from the very first song, and the crowd went even wilder through the band’s encouragement for more movement and craziness during songs such as “She’s A Riot” and “Skin To Bone.” Front man Sam Hales had an especially intense performance, making hilarious jokes about the band as he downed a drink he would always take from his members, always reaching towards the audience for high fives. Along with the typical jumpy enthusiasm of the music they’re well known for, the Jungle Giants performed a couple of new songs including their new single “Every Kind of Way,” twisting and turning the joyous vibe of the show with the distinct styles song after song. The show’s energy was relentless and re-sparked with the band’s strong stage presence and extensive set list.



Come and Be Alone With Me

Mr Polite

What Do You Think

Domesticated Man

Kooky Eyes

Anywhere Else

She’s A Riot

Every Kind of Way

Skin To Bone

I Am What You Want Me to Be



You’ve Got Something



Sam onstage was such a surreal sight as the audience sang along to the lyrics and cheered on as he jumped around, and even bounced off the drumset. The banter between him and the rest of the members onstage was hilarious, and the enthusiasm The Jungle Giants displayed through the way they spoke to the fans about songs, and the way they danced to their sound was magical.


During “I Am What You Want Me to Be,” the band stopped the show for a minute as the song came to a close, getting everyone to raise their hands, twinkle them, and jump high and move as much as possible after a countdown to finish the song with a kick. With that crazy finish that shook the floor with the bouncing feet of dozens, the crowd screamed for an encore – which wrapped up the show with a massive sing-a-long to “You’ve Got Something” – probably their most catchy song yet. There were plenty of hugs as a fans climbed on stage to embrace the band, and everyone’s enthusiasm gave a great evening intense energy.


Needless to say, the evening was magically entertaining with the various exciting tricks The Jungle Giants had up their sleeves, be it from them hiding in the crowd and sneaking back up on stage after they had finished “I Am What You Want Me to Be,” or their brand new songs with the stylistic twists, or even how they rallied up the audience. Leaving behind a captivating performance, The Jungle Giants had really left a strong imprint of their talent behind in Singapore.


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Photo Credits: Daniel Ho (OneClickWonders)