Kina Grannis Returns For Highly-Anticipated Show In Singapore

Tucked away on the top floor of Bugis+, Hood Bar and Cafe was graced by none other than singer-songwriter Kina Grannis on June 18, 2017.


Her much-awaited return to Singapore might have happened on such short notice, but fans were quick to snag tickets leading to a successful sold out show.


Local band The Façade opened the evening with a mellow acoustic set, occasionally turning heads with their captivating guitar riffs that surely captured new listeners.


Jesse Epstein, popularly known as Imaginary Future, then brought his ethereal presence to the stage, which was magnified by his folk love songs dedicated to his wife Kina.


Songs like We’ll Be Okay, Love Is Beginning, and a cover of The Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun each encapsulated a contagious romantic feeling that was undoubtedly experienced by the enamored audience. It’s hard not feel a sense of communion when you’re surrounded by Jesse’s delicate vocals.


But if we’re just going to talk about other-worldly vocals and feelings, Kina certainly knows how to tug everyone’s heartstrings. The 31-year-old serenaded the audience with a set of original songs, some of which were For Now, Forever Blue, and Little Worrier.


It’s impossible not to catch at least a single pair of misty eyes in the audience as Kina sang every song with such raw emotion, radiating a persistent spark of sentiments in the room. Songs like Valentine and The One You Say Goodnight To definitely gave off a very “secondary school” kind of vibe in which most afternoons were spent listening to budding singers on Youtube.


Members of the crowd who were not entirely familiar with her music were also continuously drawn to every song she played. Vivid explanations of how each song were written created an enthralling narrative of lyrics that typical concerts are devoid of.


The intimate gig was made even more casual and genuine as Kina took time to catch a glimpse of every face in the crowd, her way of appreciation for our joint existence as we gathered together for her music.


However, it was when Imaginary Future joined the stage for the heartwarming I Knew This Would Be Love and their debut live performance of I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You that fans seemed to have gone completely over the moon – this was evident in a guy passionately cheering on the couple, turning the solemn atmosphere into a room filled with heaps of relentless giggles.


The couple embodied an incomparable musicality that we rarely see in modern pop culture, which proves that no stage set up or event is small enough to evoke such an emotional connection with fellow music enthusiasts. Hence, despite the seemingly long wait before Kina was able to play in our country again, every dreadful hour was worthwhile for the brief show brought about an emotional musical experience like no other.