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REVIEW: Charlie Lim’s Time/Space

Introducing Charlie Lim’s Double EP Time/Space, bringing to you atmospheric tunes reflecting his alternative rhythmic blues songwriting abilities which takes you into another SPACE and TIME, with hit tracks like Bitter and Conspiracy which showcases Charlie’s intimate story of sadness to joy. This brings an artistic style to his recordings and share an intimate story through his raw emotions tied together with his effortless velvet vocal.


“Knots” and “Conspiracy” are recommended to keep you on your feet with its great rhythmic tune accompanied by his distinct and stylish vocals that enriches the song. A great hook with his consistent beats and catchy chorus which makes you want to hit repeat again and again. For “Conspiracy” he gives an extra twist with the funky beat added, creating a perfect blend of R&B which gets your feet moving unknowingly. A great balance of electronic beats, so smooth in transitions that brings you into a trance that you just can’t get out.


A more dark and emotionally driven songs are “Choices” and “Bitter” which has an atmospheric introduction that draws you into the song immediately. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that builds the vocal track perfectly. His heartwarming vocals are filled with raw emotions that makes you immersed in his voice. His pain of being left alone can be felt from his lyrics which imposes a deep sentimental meaning behind it making it a real smooth love song.


Get ready to be drawn into his love story as he pours out his heart and soul in this tragic love song called “Light Breaks in” with just his acoustic guitar and raw vocals. The melody and powerful lyrics speaks to you uncovering his message of sorrow and loneliness.


To bring the album to a close,“I Only Tell The Truth” starts off with a recording of an airplane pilot’s voice, and accompanied along with the consistent alternative tunes that are so soothing that it draws you to another world resembling his theme of being lost in TIME and SPACE. It drives the emptiness in you and contains a strong emotional connection of lost love and sadness that echoes throughout the song.


Take a listen and be mesmerized by what Charlie Lim’s double EP debut has to offer and get a copy of the upcoming blues pop sensation now!

TIME/SPACE is now available digitally on iTunes and Spotify (Free Online Streaming). Physical CD is currently sold out so do buy the album on iTunes and get ready to be blown away if you haven’t already!