Nathan Sykes Debut Solo Performance in Singapore || A Rooftop Affair

Nathan Sykes may not be a name familiar to many but you’ll definitely have heard his voice before! Formerly of the quartet The Wanted (remember them?), Sykes is no newcomer by any stretch of the imagination.


His first taste of Singapore as a solo artist comes in the form of an intimate set perched on the rooftop of MyVillage in sleepy Serangoon. Before we get to Sykes’ performance, can we just say that we were so impressed with the choice of location! Paired with the light evening breeze, a certain chill atmosphere was captured.


Now, back to Sykes. As he was introduced, many a schoolgirls started losing their minds (cue flailing arms and constant screams) at the sight of their music idol. Imagine their excitement when he graciously interacted with the audience before starting his set. Accompanied by an acoustic guitarist and Sykes’ talents on the keyboard, this arrangement was perfect for his vocals to, quite literally, take centre stage.


After two belting renditions of “Kiss Me Quick” and “More Than You’ll Ever Know”, Sykes surprised the crowd with a cover of Charlie Puth’s hit “Marvin Gaye”. The crowd erupted with approval.


As the night went on, Sykes performed more songs off his debut album, “Unfinished Business”. Before we knew it, he was already on his final song – “Famous”. Apparently, this song was written as a jab at his former bandmates. (yikes, talk about ballsy!)


Before leaving the stage, he reiterated how happy he was to be in Singapore and hopes to be back soon. One thing is for sure, we’re definitely glad you came.


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