Music,NATIVE X LOCAL (Singapore Edition)

An unforgettable night with LEW

If I could listen to only one thing for the rest of my life, it’ll definitely be LEW’s beautiful, beautiful voice. It’s extremely calming and soothing, but not to the point that you’d drift into sleep, because all you want to do is listen and soak in the paradise that is his music.

This is the first time I’ve been to a double EP launch, which I was extremely excited about! This launch was for two of his latest EPs: “ENFJ”, which is already out on music platforms; as well as “There’s Something in My Eye”, that will be released later this year.

Opening the set was one of my other favourite musicians, Theodora. I’ve seen her grow since the start of her music career and can honestly say that she’s come a long way. She really set the tone and vibes for the night, performing both covers and originals alongside keyboardist Auzaie Zie, who we all know from Disco Hue.

After an amazing opening set, it was time. The lights dimmed and band members Bani Hidir, Vishaal Raj, Lisa Haryono, Izzuddin Aris & Sara Wee formed up on stage, and started LEW’s set with some beautiful acapella vocals. Then, we were finally joined by the man we were all waiting for!

After his opening song, LEW told us more about his EPs, and how they’re for anyone who’s human. They bring you along with him on his rollercoaster of emotions; be it anxiety, jealousy, insecurity; things that we all experience but might not always talk about. He was extremely real with us, and shared his heart for his music as well as the struggles he’s been facing throughout this entire journey of his.

But my favourite thing about the night was when he started talking about his inspiration behind the happier and more upbeat songs in his album. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing someone you admire, be happy, and for that happiness and joy to pour out into his music.

The lyrics of his songs, coupled with his gorgeous voice, never fails to paint a stunning picture of art for me, and I always tell my friends that his music is truly a blessing to my ears, mind, and heart. Everything about the night was perfect, and we’re definitely hoping for another double EP launch next year hehe.

More about LEW:

LEW is a twenty one year old local singer-songwriter who translates something intangible, emotion, into an embrace that is rough but real. His voice is a melodic silky sound that hugs you like a friend, and takes you home. In 2017, LEW released his debut album “Lullacry” at his sold-out album launch. “Lullacry” reached #1 on the Singapore iTunes Charts, #6 in China and #9 in Taiwan respectively, and has now amassed over 2.4 million plays on Spotify. The acoustic-pop artist is now based in Boston, pursuing a degree in songwriting at Berklee College of Music, and will be releasing two EPs in 2018, entitled “ENFJ” and “There’s Something In My Eye” respectively.


“ENFJ”, is a six track EP, diagnosing the human condition as a result of social expectation and the relationship one has with oneself. The EP explores themes surrounding anxiety, and insecurity, forming the truth that humans live in their own ‘Mental Storms’.

There’s Something In My Eye

“There’s Something In My Eye” encapsulates the experience of finding new love, but only from a distance. The five track EP is both bright and embracing, painting the sensations one feels as they venture through fresh love.