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Local Artist Falling Feathers releases debut single – ‘Perfect’

Local pop artist Falling Feathers released his debut single – Perfect recently last week and here’s our take on his debut single!

In essence, it’s truly classic pop. It’s definitely catchy – I found myself singing along by the time I was halfway through it! In the recent trend of ‘boybands’ such as Five Seconds of Summer or One Direction, the direction the song is taking seems reminiscent of their predecessors. Falling Feathers serenades us with a hearty tune in a cheerful melody. Coupled with an impressive vocal control – he contours the singular melodic line with simplistic, yet effective ornamentation.

My personal favorite is the pre-chorus – where the previously upbeat backings cease to maintain their tempo, an almost alluring emptiness in preparation for their exuberant chorus. Supported by the light riffs of Angus Sham, energetic beats of Seth Chiam, and the stable bass line of Japheth Ng, JJ Ong finds the Perfect way to steal your heart (and with that charm, maybe your girlfriend too) in this conventional love song.

While listening to it, I felt a little blindsided. I honestly didn’t expect Falling Feathers to have the matured tone of a seasoned singer – mainly because of that adorable, boyish face. Despite his youth, he already owns a blooming record; holding the Best Vocalist Award for the Yamaha Asian Beatband Competition in 2013, he even opened for Mayday Parade when they toured Singapore recently in late October. I’m sure that this debut is merely the beginning – a pathway to his career which will take the world by storm.

Rating: 7/10