Run for your lives Asia was held in Singapore on January 11th, 2014. I attended the zombie-themed run and ran the very first wave around 3. It was the first time Run For Your Lives came to Singapore, so I was one of the very first runners EVER for the Run Your Lives Asia event. Filled with a dozen zombie zones and engaging obstacles, the 5km race was loads of fun, and it is definitely a run worth experiencing.

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Before the run, each participant was given their three  “lives” – flags that hang on the waist like flag football flags, and their race tag.  Throughout the run, there were zombie zones, and in these zones, people dressed as zombies attempted to take your lives.  The goal was to complete the race with all lives intact. Running through these zones was a lot of fun, and I witnessed a lot of friendly interaction between everybody participating in the race.

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The 5km was mapped out well. During daylight, the runners could admire the views of Marina Bay and its architecture in the moments outside of zombie zones. Also, there were some interesting unexpected turns from running on pavement to dirt and grass, making the event messier and more fun.

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Everybody in the race was good-hearted, nice, and very friendly people who were out to have a fun time. Being the healthy young man I am, 5 kilometers was not too daunting of a distance to run. All of the obstacles were short, simple challenges to overcome, and really made the run interesting, engaging, and overall a lot of fun. What I found most interesting was the blood pit. When you participate in a run, a giant pool of liquid that you have to swim through is probably one of the last things you expect to see.

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My lives (my flags) were taken from me relatively quickly, so I could take the rest of the race easy as I jogged around zombies who were looking around for more flags to snatch away. Completing the race was something everybody could manage to do, but getting out as a survivor, with at least one life remaining, requires skill, speed, and quick reactions. What could’ve made the run a whole lot better would be implementation of more obstacles and maybe even more zombie zones, as there were long periods of time during the run where I was simply jogging on a bridge or sidewalk, enjoying the Singaporean view rather than running for my life.

After the first wave, contests for “best dressed” were held, giving Singapore a chance to show off creativity. The best costumes I saw that day was Dead Space 2’s Isaac suit, and a group of really buff guys dressed as Master Roshi, Solid Snake, Bruce Lee, Captain America, and Spider Man, calling themselves “The ultimate alliance.” Other people were dressed up as other super heroes, blood bags, zombified construction workers, zombified angels, and even a banana and hot dog showed up.

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I would recommend signing up for a later wave when the sun has set, especially after a large amount of rain. Running at night covered in mud would’ve really made the event a whole lot more fun, but I feel honored to have been one of the first runners to complete the very first Run For Your Lives in Asia. Powered by Action X, Run For Your Lives Asia is an event you don’t want to miss out.

Oh yeah, I also heard they will be hosting it again sometime in October, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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