All Things New 2017 with Falling Feathers at Esplanade

Fresh of the release of his first single Perfect, which peaked at #5 on Spotify Singapore Viral Chart, Falling Feathers makes his mark at All Things New 2017. With the iridescent Marina Bay skyline providing a picturesque backdrop, he certainly rose to the occasion with his lively 30-minute set.


The singer-songwriter kicked things off with his hit single, Perfect, an upbeat tune filled with catchy sing-alongs perfect (mind the pun!) for a little audience participation. A personal favourite of mine, Dancing Alone, was performed effortlessly, with a little help from Adia Tay on vocals. This rendition of the song will definitely stay with me for a while!


Nestled between his originals were two well-arranged covers, Superman by Daughtry and The Heart Never Lies by McFly. Towards the end of his set, Falling Feathers demonstrates he’s not just about the upbeat and energetic with The Other Side. A slower and more heartfelt number, he demonstrates his vocal control and tingles the heartstrings. It was a suitable ending to what was a thoroughly enjoyable night.


All in all, Falling Feathers’ natural ability to draw in the energy of the crowd is infectious and definitely a valuable asset as he sets his sights on Singapore and ultimately, the world.


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