Yeo drops new album titled “Recovery Channel”

Melbourne-based Malaysian-Australian musician and producer Yeo drops his awaited R&B-infused pop album Recovery Channel, taking his unique genre-bending sound and wry lyricism to a more personal space.


We spoke to Yeo to understand more.

1. Can you tell us more about yourself and the music you do?

Yeo: I’m a musician from Melbourne, Australia. I make music with writing and production as a focus.

Yeo: I’ve been doing it for about 13 years and still love it. The music has changed as I’ve learned new skills and fallen in love with new sounds. There’s generally always an electronic pop element to my sound, but it generally shifts often.

2. How did you fall in love with music?

Yeo: I can’t give a clear answer because I’ve just always had a love for it, but its probably a combination of being brought up in the church and having my dad tinkering around on instruments and singing when I was very young.

3. You mentioned earlier that you make music with writing and production as a focus. How’s your creative process like on that? 

Yeo: Regarding writing, one of my favorite things to do is play with chords. I think that good progression is often overlooked even though so much tone and color come from a good sequence of chords. Production is also one of my main skillsets and using it to create ear candy and add polish can transform something from trash to treasure.

4. Moving on to your upcoming “Recovery Channel” album, can you tell us more about it?

Yeo: It’s my seventh full-length album. It’s a lot slower in tempo and has more ballads on there than the last record. I’ve reached into the R&B sound that I have been listening to my whole life but tried to deny thanks to a few tepid reviews early in my career. I feel the record as a whole captures the hardships and feelings I’ve been through in the last couple of years.

5. What’s one thing that you would want people to take away from this album? 

Yeo: I just want people to feel better about themselves. That’s it really, haha.


6. Did you face any difficulty while writing/producing “RECOVERY CHANNEL” since it’s your 7th album and turning those experiences from feelings to music? 

Yeo: It was already difficult because of life circumstances but in terms of the process, as I’ve gotten older I’ve found it harder to determine the meaning and authenticity of what I create. Charlie Lim and I always discuss and analyze the reasons behind the creative choices we make.

7. Speaking about Charlie Lim, we understand you guys goes a long way back and recently worked on your new single “By Myself”. Describe your experience working with him!

Yeo: Yes, that’s right! He sings on it with me. I think he is the most caring and thoughtful human. He has tried to open doors for me in Asia and has always supported my work. We see the industry in a very similar light and I think a lot of that stems from our cultural heritage but also personal experiences. Since we know each other pretty well, we don’t hesitate to communicate our true feeling when it comes to creative choices. We don’t always agree on everything straight away but that’s probably when the end product impresses me the most.

8. That’s one of the fun things to do – having a friend that understands and works on music which you both love! We certainly hope to have you featured on Charlie’s future music stuff too!

Yeo: I’m keen. We’ll see and who knows! We are working on a couple of songs together at the moment but currently, all our other projects pull us away from each other but it just makes me more hungry to finish it

9. Speaking about working on multiple projects, what do you normally do to unwind when you are not ding music? 

Yeo: Yesss, I love this question. I do quite random things it ranges from playing sports to traveling and taking photos with film cameras(e.g Ricoh GR1).  I’m a keen baseballer and recently started playing a non-contact version of Australian Rules football. When I’m free, I cook as much as possible and I’m obsessed with food.

Native: Hence the name, @Snackswithyeo? haha. So it safe for us to say whenever you are performing, we can expect good music and good food then?

Yeo: Totally! That’s also why I enjoy traveling to Singapore. The food there reminds me of my childhood.

10. Before we end, tell us if you have any hidden talents!

Yeo: I can do that magic trick where I pass a coin through the bottom of a glass and I can make it sound I’m cracking my knuckles very loudly that people cringe when they see/hear it.


More about the album:

Recovery Channel is a musical recollection of Yeo’s experience as a person of colour struggling to find confidence, a place to belong, and proof of his own humanity. The album explores themes of love, conflict and the rarity of hope.

Written during a period of recovery both physical and mental; Yeo intertwines soundbites of reality with raw lyrics and nostalgic melodies that reach deep into the murky depths of his personal progress, resulting in these eight soulful tunes.

Listen to “Recovery Channel”  now.