NATIVE X LOCAL (Singapore Edition)

Safe Grounds with Jarrold (EP Launch)

What is your safe ground?

For others, it might be a particular Korean drama showing on TV or having a good night out with friends but for homegrown singer songwriter Jarrold it was all stepping out of his routine and do music. We would like to think that Safe Grounds EP was the culmination of his talent, passion for music in his twenties and love from his friends.

Homegrown singer songwriter Jarrold has indeed come a long way from the early days of uploading cover videos in the early 2011 to introducing his music with “Sliding Back” which rose to #2 on Singapore iTunes Chart in 2016.

The night kicked off with a song that took him 15 minutes to write, titled “Go!” followed by an older original titled “Slow Down”. The set proceeded with some of his chill acoustic originals such as “Emerald Green” and “Sailing”. The crowd was nothing but supportive.

At the end of day, Jarrold delivered his entire set professionally and I feel that his EP “Safe Grounds” could very well be the safe ground for some of you!


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