NATIVE X LOCAL (Singapore Edition)

The Sam Willows Gets Emotional At First Ever Concert

It was a celebration of Asian talents on 22nd July 2016 during The Sam Willows first ever concert. With the support of fellow Singaporean Sam Rui and Indonesian Crooners TheOvertunes, The Sam Willows concert surely was a memorable night for the Singapore music scene. “A gig to remember,” is what they call it.


The equally talented opening acts were nothing but a mind-blowing delight to fresh listeners like myself – with Sam Rui serenading the Coliseum with her angelic vocals, which were unexpectedly even better than her studio songs, and TheOvertunes who captured our hearts with their Jack Johnson-esque hits, Yours Forever and If It’s For You.


But the eager audience knew how to save their energy for the main act, The Sam Willows, as deafening screams filled the hall. It was a moment almost surreal for the Singaporean quartet who gained fame through covers on Youtube and eventually becoming a massive hit right after the release of their debut album Take Heart.


The audience of 2,500 was treated with well-choreographed dance numbers accompanied by stunning visuals and whose awe were later captured by a surprise number by Shigga Shay, making the night a sheer example of what homegrown talents are capable of executing. Though the band did perform their hits, For Love, Take Heart, and All Time High, they also did two renditions of Little Mix songs whom they supported as an opening act just a few months ago.


Aside from the group’s pitch perfect harmonies, each member was given a couple of minutes to have the stage to themselves, whether it was to show off Jon Chua’s riffs, Sandra Tang’s Beyoncé-like solo number, or Narelle Kheng’s psychedelic performance of her recent single, Some They Lie. But what caught me off guard (in a good way) was Benjamin Kheng’s stirring spoken word entitled, To The Young One – a moving piece about unleashing one’s creativity and a dramatic “hit in the gut” to social media obsessed millennials.


Though known for being an indie band, The Sam Willows surprised fans with a mixed of genres with the help of intimate ballet dancers and a talented violinist. But despite the apparent party, it didn’t take long for Narelle to turn sentimental as she repeatedly thanked everyone for their undying support.


The whole night seemed so perfect, stunning visuals and flawless harmonies, that it almost felt formulaic. But one thing’s for sure, The Sam Willows got to where they are now for their genuine passion for music and they deserve nothing but a night of celebration.