The Team

Sunny Goh

I love meeting new people and can be found chilling at gigs all around Singapore!


I’m outgoing person and love meeting new people. During my free time, I will blog about my daily life and express the how I really feel. I play netball and volleyball whenever I can. Photography is also what I like to do during my free time, I love to capture the moments.


I'm crazily in love with music. Besides that, my free time is used for trying out different recipes to cook, reading, watching movies and writing.


Emillio is a self-proclaimed sport junky. He has a love-hate relationship will ball games and is a firm believer that exercising has to be incorporated everyday although he tends to close an eye to them from time to time with himself. Besides a deep passion for investigative journalism, Emillio also enjoys the “softer” side of the spectrum with entertainment, music and sports news. Emillio believes that being a jack of all trades but a master of none is the key to being successful in today’s world which is why he is also a radio DJ for RadioHeatwave, his school’s radio station and a part-time emcee as well.


An individual that yearns adventure, never afraid to venture into the unknown. Typical sporty dude with a twist as i seek refuge in music and nature.


Music and photography are my drugs. Aside them, I do fancy the occasional adventure around anywhere. Love meeting people from around this small globe of ours to share experiences and to foster new friendships. Fret not, I don't bite I promise.


My middle name is fun!

Liang Yu

Just your average Singaporean Son who's on a quest to try all kinds of food while snapping portraits on the way. Come on, join me!


Passionate about music!




When I'm not playing guitar, I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself to achieve greater goals. Fun is in my blood and the outside is my playground. Love playing sports, going to the gym or just hanging.